Tenga Deep Throat

ID# 01-N5048

The Tenga Deep Throat has a tightness unrivalled by other male sex toys. A tightness so great that a vacuum is created inside which makes a slurping sound as you reach your best orgasm yet. The curvy shape make it easy for you to grip.

It provides a deep sucking sensation because there are special valves inside which help create this amazing feeling, along with the unique shape which helps achieve incredible tightness.

A round head at the end completely covers the head of your penis. A combination of large and small nubs in the middle generate complex stimuli and a rippled tightening zone feels great on the shaft.

There is also an air hole which lets you control pressure levels to achieve your preferred level of suction

Please note that these products are designed for single use. Use condoms and plenty of lubricant to extend its life.
Made by Tenga Ltd


6.25" x 2" 150mm x 65mm 

Materials.. Medical Grade Silicone

Our Price: £ 11.75 Out of Stock

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