Mens Clear Chastity Device

ID# 03-00001

Experience the control that is associated with chastity, both as a fetish enjoyed by many in the power exchange/BDSM scene and also by those men that just want to be more in control of when they can orgasm.

The cage portion has vented slots for hygiene and natural drying, which allows you to wear your chastity device at all times

One Cage Portion
Four spacers
Four locking pins
Five different sized rings
One brass padlock with 2 keys
Five individually numbered plastic locks
One black storage pouch and instructions on how to fit.


Cage 3.25" x 1.37"

Rings 1.5" 1.63" 1.75" 1.87" 2"

Cage 83mm x 35mm

Rings 38mm 40mm 45mm 49mm 51mm

Materials.. Polycarbonate

Our Price: £ 34.95

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