About Sex Toys

About Sex Toys :

First, let’s put sex toys in the proper perspective.

The truth is that sex toys can enhance your sex life, facilitate arousal, and bring about new avenues of adventure, intimacy, and sexual fulfillment. And as the word “toy” suggests, they can be a lot of fun, too. Sex toys are not a replacement for you.

Nothing can replace your warm body, your knowing smile, your heart full of passion, and your eyes full of desire. Nothing compares to the soft and sensual (or aggressive) touch of a partner. Besides, a vibrator can’t cuddle afterwards. It can’t give hugs and kisses. It can’t take out the rubbish, mow the lawn or cook the dinner, like a partner can.

Instead of viewing sex toys as competition, look at them as sexual props. What is the function of a prop, after all? A prop aids in telling a story, it makes the story better, it helps paint a colorful and vibrant picture, and it adds to the scene. It’s not the star of the show, but it can make the star look better.

Whether it is silicone, pyrex, jelly, latex, or other materials, we offer best sex toys made out of the best materials possible.

Hard Plastic Toys and VibratorsHard plastic toys made of a high strength plastic which isn't flexible. They are least likely to have a reaction with your skin and do not absorb body fluids or lubricants. The are the first generation of vibrators and typically have a lot of power. They come in many different lengths, girths, and assorted colors.

Jelly Sex Toys and VibratorsJelly toys are very soft to the touch and resemble the feeling of an erect shaft. They are made from a plastic called PVC. Jelly toys are easy to care for and clean with a sex toy cleaner or with simple solution of hot water and a mild soap. They come in many different length, girths and assorted colors. More often the not a jelly sex toy is usually a dildo ( which doesn't vibrate).

Silicone Sex Toys and VibratorsSilicone toys are one of the softest and most versitile toys on the market. The are made to absorb heat, freezing, and warm up to body temperatures. They are the most versitle toys for people with sensitive skin. They also come in many different lengths, girths, and assorted colors.

Cyberskin Sex Toys and VibratorsCyberskin is the newest type of toy material. It looks and feels like the real thing. It does however require special maintainance. After cleaning the toy with sex toy cleaner or with hot water and a mild soap, dust it lightly with a cornstarch to keep the surfaces from getting tacky. 

Pyrex/Glass Sex ToysPyrex toys - sometimes called "glass toys" are made from an industrial grade Pyrex. These toys are becoming very popular. Not only are they a great sex toy, but some of them can be like works of art. Glass toys have a great advantage over others because they can get really slick during use. They can be cleaned and maintained with sex toy cleaner or with hot water and a mild soap.