10 Function waterproof Clitoral Hummer

ID# 01-N8338

A silky, precise vibe that was designed for perfect stimulation of your sweetest of spots, the original Clitoral Hummer is a top seller, and that's before 10 impressively pleasurable functions got added on.
The 10 Function Hummer features the same perfectly contoured head shaped specifically for mind blowing clit stimulation, but now features incredible combinations of deep vibration, pulsation and escalation to take you over the edge every time.

As an additional improvement over the original, this Hummer boasts a special memory chip that automatically saves your last function used. Sometimes interruptions happen- if they do, your vibe will  pick up right where you left off with no need to scroll back through, and it's also handy for finding the pattern that took you over the edge right from scratch

As a bonus,  curvy g-spot nub angles out from the top back portion of the head; so the vibe can be turned around and used for penetration, where this nub can be positioned for pinpoint g-spot stimulation. No mater how you're enjoying the Clitoral Hummer, you'll adore the silky soft feel that's courtesy of the seamless satin finish, this vibe is also nice and firm for the best handling and a a firm, precise touch.

Waterproof and phthalte free
AA size batteries x 2
Made by California Exotics


7.5 " x 1.25" 19cm x 3.25cm 

Materials.. Plastic. PU coating

Our Price: £ 16.45

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